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Regularly about twice a year we invite all of the synaesthetes we know to a meeting in Hanover Medical School. Here they can get to know other synesthetes if they want to, while having some tea, coffee and cakes. There is an exchange of specific and general news. Also we like to present new research data to the subjects.


The next synaesthesia-café will happen at 24.09.2005. Invitation letters will become sent to the participants some weeks before. Invitations are obligable. Only invited people may participate, because we have to select only real synaesthetes to treat the meeting confidentially.


International Conferences on Synaesthesia

On March 22nd/23rd in 2003 the 1st International Conference on Synaesthesia of Hanover  was held in the Hanover Medical School. We were lucky that it got friendly funded by the German Research Association (DFG).

The next conference is in preparation for December 1st-3rd,  2006.


Pictures of the Spanish Synaesthesia Conference July, 2005.




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